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The perfect mix of energy-efficiency and
comfortable, affordable, and ecological living.
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We build naturally healthy passive houses in Dublin

Passive houses – the perfect mix of energy-efficiency and comfortable, affordable, and ecological living.

What started with a simple idea has now evolved with dedication, hard work and patience, and become a revolution on its way. We are changing the way houses are built and we can help you bring that change in your life.

Passive houses are not just an on-paper concept. They offers real, tangible results. And we bridge the gap between the idea and the reality with our design-build services.

Built with the highest standards of thermal efficiency, passive houses ensure that you have perfect temperature in your house all year round. And the need for oil and gas? That is completely eliminated and your annual savings are bound to rise.


The Technological Aspects of Passive House

The main concept behind passive houses is to reduce the use of active sources of energy, like heating and cooling systems.

Owners of passive houses get the benefit of using energy sources like sunlight, ventilation, etc. and the temperature of their house is maintained at a level that is deemed ‘comfortable’ all year round.

The strategy that we use is to utilize the “free” heat to keep the temperature of the structure regulated.

So, where does this “free heat” come from? And what is a passive house design?

Let us answer these questions one by one.

Free heat is the heat generated from electrical and gas appliances. Refrigerators, computers, ovens, and even light bulbs give out free heat.

Now, passive houses are designed such that this free heat does not get out of the house unintentionally.

The components that are at the base of a passive house design include is the mechanical ventilation system. This system has an air to air recovery component and is installed to bring in the fresh air and remove the equivalent amount of stale air simultaneously.

The stale air that is leaving the house carries with it the free heat. The heat recovery ventilator captures this heat and transfers it to the fresh incoming air.

This way the cool fresh air enters the home with the free heat and is warm.

Our Services

Passive House Service

We have a team of certified passive house consultants who has skillset and experience to turn the passive house design into a beautiful reality.

Building a Passive House is something that requires a lot of active efforts. Our core values have always been the guiding lights for all our endeavors. When you choose to work with us as your passive house partners, here is what we guarantee:

Complete Dedication

Your house matters the most to you. And you matter the most to us. We make sure that there is no stone unturned in offering you the best results.

Complete Support

No matter what time of the day or at what step of the workflow you need us, we will happy to help. From helping you finalize the design to helping you finally settle in your passive house, we are right beside you, all along the way.

Complete Security

As much safety you expect from your house, we offer the same safety when you chose to work with us. Whether it is safety in terms of having a lifetime partner or ensuring that your ideas find the right implementation, with us, your house and you are in safe hands.

We’re here to help you get started in the right direction with your building project

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Benefits of Building a Passive House

Passive houses are a relatively new concept. You don’t often come across people living in a passive house, right? So, why should you consider building a passive house? Well, we as Passive House Dublin consultants and builders have not one but many reasons to offer.


Your house will become your home only when it offers you complete comfort. Passive houses score extremely high when it comes to their comfort quotient. During both, the cool and the warm months, passive houses offer extreme comfort of living. And we are not the only ones who preach this. Passive house dwellers have testified in favor of this time and again.

Quality of Life

Passive houses not only contribute to the global good, but also contribute towards keeping your quality of life high. One of the principles behind the success of passive houses is “thermal bridge free design”. Through this design we eliminate weak spots, cold corners, and excessive heat loss. Thus, increasing the quality of living. We also help prevent damage by reducing the chances of moisture build-up to a minimum.

Sustainable and Ecological

When passive houses reduce the use of energy and stay energy-efficient, this means that the use of the sources of energy is significantly cut down. This, in turn, lowers the ecological dis-balance and helps you live sustainably, leaving enough for the generations to come.


Passive houses offer two-fold affordability. They do not just help you save a lot on energy bills in the long run, but are also an affordable investment, to begin with. We can renovate and modify old dwelling with the use of passive house building materials or build a passive house from scratch for you.


Passive House Dublin – Frequently Asked Questions

Are passive houses expensive to build?

Not at all. They save costs in the long run and also are an affordable investment, to begin with. You can connect with our experts to get a quotation for your project!

Do you have to keep the windows closed all the time?

Well, the design of a passive house is such that you will hardly feel the need for opening your windows for fresh air. However, if you want to hear that little bird on the tree outside the window, you can absolutely do so.

Are passive homes always boxy? Is there no scope for beauty?

The beauty of your passive house depends on the architectural design you choose. They come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t need to be tiny or boxy. They can be as beautiful as you want them to be. Explore our gallery or give us a call and we will be happy to show you some stellar designs for your passive house.


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Makes a point of only using trusted professionals as suppliers of services. I highly recommend Dave Dunne and Timbermill Construction for any building works, commercial or domestic. They remain our default go to people for any future building needs.

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We used Timbermill to construct a complex house extension in 2018.We always found Dave and his team extremely diligent and attentive to our ideas.We are delighted with the end result and recommend them for any building projects.

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I would like to thank dave and his team for the work they have done in home so reliable and clean and top workmanship great tradesmenI would like to thank dave and his team for the work they have done in home so reliable and clean and top workmanship great tradesmen

Danny TowellDanny Towell

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